The golden seeds of Apricots

Apricots are a wonder of nature. It is one of the most tasty and healthy fruits. It not only tastes delicious but is also really healthy. Rich in vitamins and proteins, it is a sure thing to boost up your energy during the day. It is a juicy fleshy fruit making it desirable by people of all ages, especially children, who love to savor this delicious fruit. This orange colored beauty is not only eaten in fresh form but also devoured in its dry form. Not only this, even apricot seeds are consumed in ways because of their nutritional benefits.

There are so many uses for apricot seeds. They are not only used as a healthy snack but also play a major role in medicinal purposes. Many industries may also use them for cosmetic purposes, making them a highly desirable product.

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Our apricot farms are grown in the most natural environment possible. We use no harmful chemical fertilizers that most companies will do to get out more yield. We let the fruit grow and flourish in its own time, which makes our fruit rich in quality and nutritional value.

We take out the seeds from our apricots and let them dry in natural air at a low temperature. We don’t use high temperatures or any other unnatural resources to get them ready. The apricot kernels that we sell, are far away from any impurities like any preservatives or flavoring. We don’t even add salt and deliver the apricot pits in their most natural form to you.

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Bitter is better:

Our apricot kernels are extremely bitter. This is a trait that is the most desired when it comes to Apricot pits. The bitter taste comes due to Amygdalin, and it ensures that your seeds are rich in Vitamin B 17 content, ensuring good quality.

Our Handpicked Canadian raw Apricot seeds:

Our apricot pits are purely organic and natural. Grown in the beautiful Canadian farms, they are a major source of vitamin B 17. And although it is disputed whether amygdalin is actually a vitamin or not, there is no denying the useful effects it has on our body.

A perfect Snack:

Looking like small almonds in appearance, they are easy to chew and you will love eating a few of them before your evening stroll. The only little problem will be the bitter taste, but once you understand the extent of benefits it empowers you with, you will learn to develop a taste for them.

Use of Apricot pits to ward off cancer:

The seeds are a rich source of vitamin B 17, also known as Amygdalin. It is a compound which helps fight cancer by killing and warding off the mutated cancerous cells. Amygdalin is widely used as an alternative cancer therapy along with a compound known as Laetrile. Together these two works by producing cyanide poison inside the body that will be taken up by the cancer cells first and will result in their death.

So, buy apricot pits from us today, and use them to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from a wicked witch that is cancer. For maintenance doses, we recommend you eat 5 seeds every 2-3 times a day. This will help you keep cancer at bay.

Cosmetic uses of apricot kernels:

Apricot kernels are also used in the industry in baby oils because of its effects on the skin. There are many cosmetic purposes of apricot pits including using ground kernels as an exfoliate in scrubs and other skin predicts. It will exfoliate the dead skin layer on your face, revealing a fresh and beautiful glowing skin.

Point to take care of when consuming kernels:

There is, however, a serious drawback that always needs to be kept in mind when consuming apricot kernels. And it is that after consumption, the amygdalin in the apricot pits is converted to cyanide which is a very strong and lethal poison and may lead to the death of a person. So, it is strictly advisable that you follow an amount check when eating kernels as a snack. And if you’re aiming to use the seeds as a therapy for cancerous cells, then talk to your oncologist about it first.

The appropriate dose is not yet discovered when taking kernels in your diet. You just have to remember to keep it slow because the more is not always the better, and in certain cases like this one, it can also be harmful to the body and to the mind.

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Our Apricot pits are very nutritious and strictly vegan. Which makes them best suited for use by vegetarians as well as by the non-vegetarians. There are no added preservatives or flavored and are absolutely gluten-free. We deliver the kernels to you in their most raw form just the way you like it! Customers’ satisfaction is our utmost priority and we deliver to you what we have promised.

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So, eat away our apricot pits and ward off the diseases and toxins away from your body!

Everything You Need to Know About Dual Diagnosis in Rehab Centers

For a long time mental diseases and substance abuses were recognized differently. People with problems like depression or anxiety attacks were treated separately than those who had an addiction problem.

Even if there were symptoms of any kind of overlap between the two, the rehab centers would just refuse to treat the mental illness unless the people were sober and clean. But what most of them ignored was the fact that he substance abuse happened because of some underlying mental condition.

And as the awareness spread, we got the dual diagnosis which in now exclusively available in many rehab centers.

What makes Dual Diagnosis So Different from Other Treatments?

In this new age, dual diagnosis presents the perfect blend of the treatment for substance and the health care for mental illness. Instead of taking them as totally discreet matters, these two problems are now acknowledged to be interlinked and treated together.

If a person qualifies for both

  • Mental health disorder (this includes depression, anxiety, personality disorder, bipolar disorder, etc.)
  • Substance abuse (this includes alcohol, gambling addiction, drugs, sex addiction, etc.)

Then the verdict for him/her is the dual diagnosis. And throughout the therapy both aspects of the condition are dealt with simultaneously.

Some of the Underlying causes of Dual Diagnosis

Usually it is one condition leading to another. And most commonly it is the mental disorder that actually lead up to the substance abuse as an attempt to escape it. However there may be some other reasons that could cause such a condition:


Genetics are very important when it comes to our behavior towards certain things. Even some of the mental conditions are genetic. The genes in our body are responsible for the way we deal with an externa dosage.

They basically define how likely is one to be attracted towards the substance and how addicted they can get to it. It also manages the way the substance acts and reacts with our body.


If it isn’t genetic, then it is probably just how the person is. It is usually the sense of adventure and not caring about the world attitude that leads up to substance abuse. Such attitude could be a result of any traumatic incident for example child abuse, etc.

The Brain Chemistry

At the end of the day, that is what it is all about, isn’t it? The chemistry of the mind. And both the substance and the mental disorder connect at that junction.

So it may not be a very far-fetched idea that one of them leads to another. The substance and various disorder affect a special brain chemical known as dopamine. So the effect of one can build up to the other.

The Physical Effects of Dual Diagnosis

Mental disorder and substance abuse cause a lot of damage to the health of the person separately. Imagine the damage they can do when they co-exist in a person.

The damage majorly depends on the kind of substance that is being abused and the kind of mental disease that is developing. But either way they can both affect the kind of influence one has on the body. The mental disease might trigger the effects of the substance abuse while substance may enhance the negative effects of a mental disorder.

These may ultimately lead to something really big like a blood disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, lung disease, muscle disease, sexual dysfunction, bone disease, etc.

This shows that the overlapping of the two can indeed be fatal. However there is a high chance that people in such conditions do not have access to the proper health care that they require or better yet don’t even care about the personal health enough to seek help.

Effects on the Emotional Health

It comes as no surprise that a person going through both of the worst kind of conditions will have an extremely poor emotional health. Dual diagnosis creates makes the person feel stressed and irritated. They get disconnected from their close ones like friends and family and on top of that they develop a sense of sheer guilt and a poor self-esteem.

Both of these conditions, whether mental disorder or substance abuse, have their individual effects on the emotional health of a person. When combined, they tend to enhance the depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts of the person.

This makes the treatment very tricky and very few rehabs can actually treat it. The people that have such conditions are more prone to relapse than anyone who has just one of the conditions.

Effects on the Social Life

The social like of a person who has a mental condition is already hard, and same for the one who has an addiction problem. People tend segregate these kind of people and are not particularly friendly to them.

For a person who has both the conditions, is in an even bigger problem. Not only are they not accepted by the other people but they themselves have a lot of trouble getting into a social life. With the increased depression, anxiety and all the other negative effects, it becomes really hard for them to take a step into the social life where people are not very supportive.

And as a result they are cut out and become outcasts, and that only worsens the situation because it pushes them to find comfort in the substance and embellishes their mental condition.

Where to Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Sage Recovery Villa provides one of the best rehab centers with dual diagnosis treatments. They have experts trained to deal with a wide array of mental disorders and the substance abuses, believing that substance abuse is just an outcome of a rather deep underlying mental condition.

The clients are given a chance to understand the development of their addiction, finding their relation with the substance and replacing it wither healthier behavior. This starts with the clients discovering the link between their mental condition and the drugs or behavior addiction and then eventually they work on it.

Free Drug and alcohol detox center options

People who may be living in the poverty, these who are homeless and unemployed, they may be struggling with financial, emotional and physical cost of their addiction. They may not consider the thought of entering into a rehab since there is no money to pay for the program. Without being able to pay, these people may try out at home detox and other treatments which have not been proven to work. Some of such individuals, even if they want moving past addiction, they may forget about rehab simply because they cannot afford it.

However, these people have an option of free Drug and alcohol detox center. By taking a little effort, you can enjoy recovery after detox without any cost.

State funded rehab

Many states funds for alcohol and drug rehabilitation service through the public mental health and substance abuse treatment. These treatments are meant to help people who have no income or no insurance. To enter into such program, you will have to meet the requirements of official residence in a state according to the definition of the state being addicted and in need of help and legal insurance.

According to which state, they can be some requirements before someone may be accepted in the treatment program. When the information has been established, then the state will decide about the clients who are not able to pay and they can offer free treatment in different levels through treatment centers or some kind of clinics.

In order to start with this process and to get this treatment, a person who have alcohol and drug addiction, they may talk to someone in charge of local health or substance abuse agency. He will be able to learn about community and public health agency networks in the government.

Faith based center

There a faith based people who offer recovery program for people who are addicted to alcohol and drug. There are also some organizations which offer the religious support to the people who are in the rehab. The group offer free counseling, peer support group program, religious motivation or medical detox. However, their clients have to undergo the detox program before they start with the program. The faith based rehab involves the faith tradition when it comes to their treatment program.

According to the person who is offering the free treatment, the patient can be given free drug rehab, intensive inpatient care and simple outpatient medical maintenance. State funded program can cover a number of treatment program, however, they may not be having the latest treatment and technology at the market. They can still offer the treatment which will result into the recovery and they offer post treatment support.

To join one of the free Drug and alcohol detox center, a patient has to apply and has to be accepted based on some qualifications. The first qualification is to show that you are not able to pay. Other qualification can be residing in the area where the treatment is given, being veteran or pregnant, and being a member of a faith community in charge of rehab and others.